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let us show you why choose Sicily to plan your next vacation!

1) Because of the visible marks of history’s layers: since more than 6000 years Sicily has been a “Top Destination” in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily had been part of Greece, and then it was invaded and ruled by many different conquerors, such as Romans, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Spanish and French. Those populations, of course, brought in the island their arts, science, culture and architecture.
Sicily boasts a list of 17 Unesco World Heritage Sites, beautiful cities of art (such as Palermo, Syracuse, Ragusa, Catania), quiet medieval towns (such as Erice, Cefalù, Monreale and Taormina), ancient ruins, stunning Greek temples and archaeological sites (such as the Valley of the Temples, Segesta, Selinunte and the Roman Villa del Casale).

2) Because its stunning natural beauty, breathtaking sceneries and spectacular views: 4 National Parks (such as Mt. Etna, Alcantara Gorge, Nebrodi and Madonie National Park), 77 Nature Reserves (such as the Zingaro Nature Reserve from Scopello to San Vito lo Capo), 3 active volcanoes (Mt. Etna volcano, Stromboli and Vulcano Island), amazing minor isles and archipelagos (Lampedusa, Pantelleria, Ustica, the Aeolian Islands and the Aegadian Islands), crystal clear waters and stunning endless miles of untouched coastline with coves, caves and pristine beaches (in Sicily you can find the best beaches in Italy).

3) Because of the Sicilian culture rich in tradition, mind-blowing cuisine, great wines and stunning historic wineries (such as Florio), wonderful outdoor markets, various and refined handicraft (such as the ceramics from Caltagirone) important literary history, myths and legends.

4) Because of the settings of many important movies, such as The Godfather by Francis Ford Coppola.

5) Because its strategic position in the Mediterranean area: Sicily is just few hours by plane from almost anywhere in Europe. 4 international airports connect Sicily to anywhere in the world.
A direct flight connects New York City to Palermo and more than 20 direct flights from Rome to Sicily are available every day (flight time: about 55 minutes).

6) Because its mild climate all year round: Sicily has a typical Mediterranean climate with dry and warm summers and mild, wet winters. It is a paradise that attracts tourists from all over the world.

7) Because it is a safe and exclusive destination and it looks at the future: tourism is on the rise and all the attention is coming to Sicily: after the G7 meetings in Taormina in May 2017, Palermo has been named Culture Capital of Italy for 2018 and selected as host city for Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art.

8) Because of the warm hospitality of the people: Sicilian welcome is unlike any other.

9) Because maybe you are one of the many foreign citizens of Sicilian descent who want to recover your roots!

10) Because of the wide variety of resources that the island offers.
Sicily is the largest Italian region and it is an inexhaustible source of surprises that never fails to fascinate everyone who visits her.

Sicily is a “little continent” and it has everything you could want to see in a single trip!



The first benefit of a Sicily escorted tour is that you are the owner of your trip: you choose the best things to do in Sicily and we help you to decide how long you stay at each place and your ideal itinerary to enjoy what's most important to you and what most satisfies your own personality.
Our Sicily escorted tours are always fully customizable: follow your passions, not other's ones!


Even with a scheduled itinerary, our trips are always relatively flexible: you do not have to plan for your entire trip to be escorted.
You can combine your Sicily escorted tour with some leisure time: after a busy day out sightseeing Sicily what better way to relax than by enjoying some hours dedicated to you in the comfort of your resort (enjoying golf, relaxing spa-moments or sunbathing on the beach) or outside, shopping or enjoying a night walk on your own?


Time is precious, it is a fundamental element of our existence!
When looking at your time in Sicily, there is actually the time before and during the trip in Sicily that you have to consider.
Since Sicily is so rich and large, it is sometimes frustrating to spend ample amounts of time planning a Sicilian trip on your own.
Our Sicily escorted tours allows you to let us be in charge of all the planning of your itinerary, and you can merely suggest us any changes you’d like to have made. We help you to optimize your time in Sicily and avoid situations that make you feel stressed, so that you can spend your time focusing on your other priorities.


Our Sicilian tours packages are a combination of different day trips: they start and end in the same city because the distances between your base points and the other important Sicilian attractions are short. It helps you to optimize your time in Sicily.
If your frame-time in Sicily is short (about 1 week) we usually choose 2 bases points to explore whole Sicily: 1 in the West such as Palermo and one in the East such as Catania, Syracuse or Taormina.


No need to change your hotel everyday = No need to pack and unpack your luggage every time.

Staying in these city-centers means being able to reach the most important tourist sites in the quickest and easiest ways possible during the day.
When you return to your base point in the late afternoon, you can easy enjoy the nightlife around your hotel: the best restaurants, shops and clubs are usually walking distance from your hotel!


You can take your time waking up extra early, staying out late, making an extra stop, taking photos and capturing precious moments along the way.
You will be able to experience what you really want and make changes to your trip without inconveniencing others.


The best driver-assistants and the best tourist guides are involved in our Sicily escorted tours. They are very expertise, helpful, reliable and they speak a fluent English (other languages on request).
No one can guide you better than a local guide on the hidden treasures in Sicily. We take care of everything so you can relax and experience the best of Sicily!


We are focused on taking travelers away from the crowded and classic tourist patterns, to give something that’s unexplored and unique! An opportunity to breathe the true Sicilian atmosphere!
An escorted tour of Sicily offers you a focus on Sicily's lesser known aspects. Living, eating, and doing the things Sicilian people do: discover the best organic foods and the traditional Sicilian lifestyle in the most amazing contexts.


Because we want you to decide what to do each day, meals are usually not included: the driver will advise you the best restaurant to suit your need. Alternatively, you can choose to include meals: lunches and dinners or both.
You will be welcomed in the most charming restaurants and most beautiful wineries where you will be seduced by the amazing flavors and essences of the Sicilian cuisine (it is based on the values of the Mediterranean diet that belongs to the Unesco Heritage); sometimes they are very popular in Sicily and unknown to Tripadvisor because they are better to make authentic Sicilian food than marketing!
On request you can attend cooking classes, wine tastings or enjoy other food excellencies and the most inviting delicacies of Sicilian cuisine rooted in our lifestyle and traditions.


By virtue of our extensive knowledge of the area we provide effective and original solutions to your special needs in Sicily.
Thanks to our problem solving, dynamism, flexibility and attention to every detail we guarantee tailor-made and high-quality services with extremely competitive prices. Our fully customized escorted tours of Sicily give you great opportunities with the best cost-benefit ratio.


Sicily is a treasure trove of historic and natural wonders and usually a lot of people have no idea where to start to plan their own tour of Sicily.

Our company was born out of the need to satisfy your interest in enjoying the many interesting tourist attractions in the Island of Sicily.

Although a private tour is usually a little more expensive than if you were to do a small or large group tour, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

A little extra money for this is priceless!


Our proposals satisfy the demands coming from heterogeneous and high-profile customers, including the conscious and refined tourist, who has different needs: the pleasure of knowledge, the passion for adventure, the desire to relax and enjoy delightful entertainment.

As Destination Management Company (DMC), we stand out from the crowd with our knowledge of the most hidden and inaccessible treasures of our beloved island.

We are your “personal guide" to enjoy Sicily: an exclusive destination, full of history and beauty, where all your passions can be combined for the best possible experience.

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In qualità di Voyage Designer, collaboriamo con gli operatori turistici più esclusivi e qualificati per garantire un ventaglio di soluzioni originali ed offrire un prezioso supporto nell'organizzazione di itinerari privati e personalizzati in Sicilia.

Abbiamo ideato per te una sezione interattiva con le esperienze più emozionanti da vivere in Sicilia per scoprire i tesori culturali, naturali ed enogastromici e approfondire gli aspetti più autentici dell'isola.

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