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“He took the cup and drank it off, and mightily
pleased he was with the taste of the sweet liquor,
and thus he asked me for it yet again.”
(Ulysses tells about his encounter with Polyphemus. Odyssey, Book 9)

Sicily is the island of Cyclops and historically had a strong wine-growing vocation.

Because of the mild climate almost all the year round and the unique soil conditions, Greek settlers produced wine in Sicily before the Romans started their own vineyards in the 2nd century B.C.

Sicilian wine producers have achieved international success and are happy to open their wineries and share their secrets with wine lovers.

By virtue of our extensive knowledge of the territory, we will support you in the creation of fully customized Sicily wine tours that result from the combination of visit of the best wineries in Sicily.

Round Trip Consulting let you enter in a stimulating sensory environment where you will be seduced by amazing flavours and essences.

Our Sicily Wine Tours will bring you in the most interesting cultivation areas involved in high quality wine production: the territory between Palermo and Trapani, which gives some autochthon grape varieties such as Frappato, Inzolia, Cataratto, Grecanico and Grillo, the slopes of Mt. Etna, famous for Nerello Mascalese, the area between Siracusa and Ragusa, famous for Nero d'Avola and Cerasuolo, the smaller islands (first of all Aeolian and Pantelleria) with Malvasia, Zibibbo and Passito and last but not least the territory of Marsala, world famous for the cultivation of namesake fortified wine. Beside these historically Sicilian grape varieties, wine producers have recently planted non-native grapes such as Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Muller Thurgau and more, that make excellent wine too.

We offer our skills in the tourism and wine industry and has selected the most interesting wineries in Sicily. All the wine tastings allow you to discover the peculiarities of the "nectar of the gods" during amazing Sicily wine tours.

You will enjoy the best wineries in Sicily that stand out of the crowd because of the excellence of their products. They are surrounded by fascinating natural environment, where you can have a wine tasting during a pleasant walk through the vineyards.

Every wine tasting is combined with typical Sicilian food (cheese, meats and desserts). Anyway, Round Trip Consulting organizes full course lunches or dinners as well as Sicilian cooking classes into the wineries.

If you want to combine the visit of some Sicilian wineries in a fully customized tour of Sicily (rich in art, heritage and other food excellences), please fill out the form.

Alternatively, if you need something more specific such as a wine oriented tour, please look at the section "Sicily Wine Tours" below.

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If you are an oenologist, a sommelier or just a wine lover and you want to deepen your knowledge of the Sicilian wine, Round Trip Consulting promotes the "Sicily Wine Tours": they combine the visit of the best Sicilian wineries to provide you with all the best wine experiences in the island of Sicily.

These "itinerant wine tours" give you the opportunity to explore the best wine routes in Sicily and its culinary tradition in a conscious way, living every day a new exciting, refined and unexpected experience.

During this stimulating journey you will explore your senses and also discover the natural, archaeological and cultural Sicilian heritage in the most beautiful locations in the island.

Enjoy a unique journey through Sicilian fragrances and flavors!