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We have selected the most beautiful and the most

luxurious villas in Sicily

for those who love independence, but does not want to give up luxury and comfort.

Our comfortable, exclusive and luxury villas in Sicily are located in the best Sicilian locations, close to the archaeological sites, into the medieval villages, near the natural parks or in front of the best beaches in Sicily.

Thanks to this wide range, the dynamic traveler can stay in more than one location in order to deepen the knowledge of the island and optimize the route.

All the accommodations are fully equipped with every comfort and are located in strategic positions, so you can easily reach the most important artistic, cultural and natural location in the island.

Our Sicily luxury villas are with or without swimming pool, furnished in rustic or modern style, but always with large private gardens and with all the amenities to make you feel "at home”.

Thanks to a high knowledge of the Sicilian territory and a large network of accommodations, we provide a wide range of unique solutions to suit every needs.

We pay special attention to high-profile customers, including the conscious and refined tourist, attracted to art and culture and interested in discovery the natural treasures.

If you are an independent traveler we can offer you the most luxurious villas to make your trip always exciting and enjoyable.

Experience a stunning vacation at one of the most typical properties and include some exclusive services such as a personal cook or a private driver.

Choose the best Sicily luxury villa according your need!

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