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Hello Dear Sicily Lover!

We are happy to meet you on this page and we are proud to introduce you this amazing tour named Sicily Lovers' Tour.

As a Sicilian tour company we help you enjoy unforgettable experiences in Sicily... our beloved island.

The Sicily Lovers' Tour is the result of the best experiences to enjoy in Sicily.

It is a comfortable and high quality small group tour of Sicily.

It is a boutique tour for about 20 people to guarantee personal attention and intimate services.

12-13 days is the perfect time frame to visit the must-see locations in the most relaxing way!

These Sicily tour packages will take place:

from May 4th to 16th, 2025

from June 3rd to 15th, 2025

from September 15th to 27th, 2025.

Have you already seen the video presentation of the Sicily Lovers' Tour?

The Sicily Lovers' Tour is for you if you want to enjoy a memorable vacation with:

> Funny and authentic experiences: convivial atmosphere, positive emotions, interaction with locals, visit of the undiscovered gems of the island.

> Great accommodations: high level 5-star and 4-star hotels in strategic position; they are ideally located in the historic centers or by the sea and give you the chance to be independent and enjoy your leisure time.

> Stunning locations: cities of art, medieval villages, Unesco sites and gorgeous landscapes.

> Terrific meals with excellent wines: since the traditional Sicilian cuisine is so rich, we have created different menus so that you may taste something new every day. This will give you the opportunity to experience a broad view of our cuisine throughout your entire trip.

> Wine tastings and other food experiences: wine tastings at amazing historic wineries and different food tastings (cannoli, almond pastries, olive oil, cheese and other authentic Sicilian food excellencies each day).

> Comfortable transportation: air-conditioned motor coach with a lot of space for you and your luggage and reliable drivers.

> Exciting guided visits: we have involved the best English speaking local guides with a great knowledge of Sicily; entrance tickets are already included in the package.

> Leisure time: enough time to relax and enjoy shopping after each day tour.

> Smart itinerary: Sicily is a large island; our itinerary has been designed to optimize your time in Sicily and break up the driving as much as possible.
Furthermore, the schedule consists of only a few home bases; it means no need to pack and unpack your luggage every time.
You will discover the best of Sicily in the most relaxing way!

> Continuous assistance and customization: our guides we will be with you during the entire tour to provide a continuous assistance and take care of your needs.
If you'd like to extend your tour of Sicily, we can assist you with your travel planning and reservations.

> Benefits for people of Sicilian origin: we can help you recover your roots, meet your relatives or discover your ancestors' places. We look forward to helping you discover the homeland of your ancestors!

> Our personal touch: this tour is planned by Rosella and Gianca, the owners of Round Trip Consulting, a tour company that provides custom bespoke touring services for Sicily.
We are 2 proud native Sicilians and are both passionate about Sicily.
Our mission is helping people enjoy our beloved island and experience it from the point of view of true Sicilians.
This multi-sensory tour will give you many opportunities to breathe the true Sicilian atmosphere: living, eating, and doing the things Sicilian people do!

> Our history: while Sicily is rich in natural and artistic treasures, it offers few job opportunities, so many people have to emigrate.
We decided to start investing in ourselves and looking at solutions to promote the beauty of Sicily to the world. Perseverance, diligence and courage have allowed us to go on... and keep living in the place we love!
First we have founded our tour company, then we have created “Best Things to Do in Sicily” , our official Facebook page: several thousands of friends follow us from US, Canada and Australia now!
After many years of work, we are proud to have won our personal and professional challenge.
This enthusiasm has remained the same since the day we started our adventure.
Each tour of Sicily represents an exciting new challenge, but also the proof that intent and passion can turn dreams into reality.
Since we are travel designers, we manage custom private tours of Sicily all year round and once a year we provide this small group tour, called “Sicily Lovers' Tour”.
It's our ideal tour of Sicily... your chance to experience the best of the island in the most relaxing way.

Why this tour is worth the money and why it is a game-changer?

This tour offers a huge number of high quality services and amazing activities throughout 12-13 days: high-end accommodations, terrific meals, excellent food&wine tastings, funny and authentic experiences with locals, comfortable transportation, expert and skilled staff.
Try to find a cheaper tour with the same great key elements...

12-13 days is the perfect time-frame to enjoy the best of Sicily without stress. Sicily is a large island: a “small continent” full of places to visit and experiences to enjoy. Be suspicious of shorter tours because you could have to rush all the time or miss many must-see locations and skip some amazing activities!

This tour includes ideally located accommodations: are you sure that other tour companies offer accommodations located in the historic centers or by the sea? Do they give you the chance to be independent and enjoy your leisure time as you deserve?

This tour has been designed by Sicilians: we have put together the highest quality package of memorable experiences at the best price!


At this time, all we would ask of you is to pay a little amount to secure your spot on the tour.
You are required to pay just a deposit of 550 euros to enact the reservation.

10% special discount per person for early booking!
Download the PDF files to find out all the details.

This is a small group tour of Sicily reserved for no more than twenty “Sicily Lovers”. Therefore spots may be quickly sold out.

We have put together a trip that will be memorable for a lifetime, so... sit back, relax and enjoy peace of mind because we will take care of you!

Look at our clients' experiences and discover how a tour of Sicily can be amazing with us!

Life is one and you deserve 12-13 days of love, relaxation, happiness and fun.

Be ready to enjoy yourself to the fullest...

Love, Hugs and Kisses from Sicily!

Rosella and Gianca (founders of Round Trip Consulting and Best Things to Do in Sicily)


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