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Hiking in Sicily

is one of the best things to do in our island!

Sicily has got 4 regional parks and 77 nature reserves and protected areas. We are proud to promote the best hiking trails, nature walks, excursions, adventures and outdoor activities in Sicily.

Hikink in Sicily means the hiking of Mount Etna and the other Sicilian volcanoes, Nebrodi Mountains and Madonie National Park with their wonderful breathtaking views, Alcantara Gorge, Zingaro Nature Reserve (a nature park with 7 kilometers of unspoilt coastline and several beaches where you can swim), Cavagrande del Cassibile (the deepest canyon in Europe, containing a series of rock pools, waterfals and ancient cave-homes), Mount Pellegrino on the bay of Palermo (Goethe described it as “the most beautiful promontory in the world”), Pantalica, Vendicari, sea salt mines of Trapani, Stagnone lagoon of Marsala, Aeolian islands, Aegadian islands, Pantelleria, Ustica and Lampedusa.

They are just some of the Sicilian natural treasures, but the most of them are inaccessible to the independent traveler who avoids the support of a good tour company.

We offer our skills and help you to explore them deeply in the heart: you will find the ideal itinerary to get in touch with nature!

If you want to enjoy hiking in Sicily maybe you don't want to join large groups...Even if you are a solitary traveller you will never be grouped with other people: it is all tailor made just for you and your needs!

Below are different kind of private nature excursions in Sicily, guided tours, hiking trails in Sicily: please remember that you can always customize your hiking in Sicily to suit all your preferences.


Sicily is a land of volcanoes and gives the traveler unique shows where the force of nature appears among a moon scenery on the heart.

Our expert volcanologist guides will let you discover Mt. Etna Volcano, the tallest and biggest active volcano in Europe (3.329 m – 10.922 ft). It was added to the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites in June 2013.

We organize guided Mount Etna Tours, hiking excursions, Etna trekking, and private adventures: during your Etna excursion you can combine a drive by 4wd vehicle, a pleasant hiking tour and a cable-car and choose between the Bove Valley, Mt. Etna's main craters (Sommitale), or some extinguished craters (Sartorius and Silvestri) where you can admire a stunning landscape and the signs of its last eruptions.

In the Aeolian islands archipelago you can reach the crater of Vulcano Island and enjoy the emission of high temperature gas and vapors.

Otherwise, you can ascend the summit of Stromboli Island (900 m – 2700 ft), one of the world's most active volcanoes and enjoy its pyrotechnic explosions after sunset.


Alcantara Gorge is a beautiful canyon carved by the namesake river over millions of years.
Its stunning black basalt columns (called “organ pipes) can grow up to 50 meters. The canyon is about 300.000 years old.

Alcantara Gorge is also an amazing Botanical Park: it covers many hectares of land planted with lemon and oranges trees, olive groves and many other kinds of Mediterranean plants.

You can cross and enjoy the gorgeous canyon practising fluvial and adventure sports such as rafting, hydrospeed, river trekking, canyoning, kayak and river tubing.


Madonie Natural Park is a natural mood-elevator: because it is rich in pristine landscapes and food and wine delicacies, it will stretch your senses and your soul!

- Explore the park and enjoy its monumental trees and its breathtaking views of the green valleys that lead down to the Tirrenian sea!

- Meet an authentic shepherd and enjoy his cheese or have a great walk with donkeys among the Flowering Ashes of the Madonie National Park and discover how Manna (a white crystal utilized in the making of Sicilian pastries) comes from tapping these trees.

- Experience the “geological path” that leads to Portella Colla, where you can see fossilized sponges, algae and corals at 1400 meters above sea level as the result of the forces that created Madonie mountains chain 20 million years ago.


Carved by the river Pollina over thousands of years, the Gorges of Tiberio are one of the most fascinating places in the Madonie National Park.

This site is a Unesco Geopark because of its calcareous rocks rich of 200 millions years old fossils.

You can cross and enjoy the gorgeous canyon (long 250 meters – and deep 50 meters) navigating its calm waters by a small rubber dinghy.
The patterns of light created by the the water reflecting on the walls, the silence of an unspoilt nature and the great biodiversity of this location make you feel in an amazing primordial world.

The visit of Tiberio Gorges represents an adventurous moment for people who love practicing fluvial sports. As you go beyond the gorge, you can hike along Pollina River and finally reach a beautiful place where it is also possible to swim in the uncontaminated water surrounded by nature.


Sicily preserves its treasures and sometimes it makes them invisible to the common visitors.

Speleologists, students and lovers can experience something out of the ordinary almost everywhere in Sicily: caves of Addaura, Puntali and Carburangeli in the area of Palermo, caves of Lauro and Crasto in the area of Nebrodi National Park, cave of Gurfa in the Madonie National Park, caves of Gelo and Lamponi in the Etna National Park are unmissable stopover for them.
Thanks to the Italian Alpine Club Guides, you can also explore the subsoil of Palermo and walk along the Qanats, a vast water supply network of galleries created by the Arabs more than a thousand years ago.

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Round Trip Consulting promotes the "Sicily Nature Tours": they combine some of the most popular excursions to provide you with all the best experiences during your time-frame in Sicily.
These "itinerant nature trails" give you the opportunity to explore the island in a conscious way, living every day a new experience, in harmony with yourself and the environment.

Our Sicily escorted tours include Sicily's most beautiful parks and nature reserves with the most stunning volcanoes, forests, lakes and marine sites.
During these stimulating journeys you can also taste many typical Sicilian delicacies and discover the artistic heritage in the most beautiful locations in the island.

Discover Sicily and experience adventures in harmony with nature!