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Palermo (Sicily Capital) boasts more than 2700 years of history and a great cultural diversity; it is one of the best place where to stay in Sicily and a perfect base point to explore the Western side of the Island!

From Palermo you can reach easily Mondello beach, Monreale and its stunning cathedral, Cefalù with its nice beach, the archaelogical sites of Segesta and Selinunte, the amazing coast of the Zingaro Nature Reserve between Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo, Madonie National Park, the medieval town of Erice and Caccamo, Marsala and its important wineries, Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples, Corleone and many others Sicily attractions and places to visit in Sicily.

According to the best things to do in Palermo and near Palermo, we have created a “Top Ten” of West Sicily excursions: a selecion of private day trips from Palermo to find out the most important artistic, archaeological, cultural and natural places in West Sicily and enjoy the most inviting delicacies of Sicilian cuisine.

Our Sicily day tours are always private day tours: even if you are a solitary traveller you will never be grouped with other people... it is all tailor made just for you and your needs!

During every excursion we provide you with expert English speaking drivers and we give you the chance to discover these wonders in a stimulating and relaxing way.

Additionally all these day trips and excursions from Palermo can be further personalized to your specific needs: English (and other languages) speaking guides, couriers/tour guides are available on request.

Because we want you to decide what to do each day, meals are usually not included: the driver will advise you the best restaurants to suit your need. On request we can arrange lunches, wine tastings or other food experiences at the best Sicilian locations.

All these full day trips from Palermo last 8 hours (generally from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM).

All our day trips from Palermo include private transfers by car or middle-size vans and they are made only for you!

With our knowledge of the most hidden and inaccessible treasures of our beloved island, we “stand out from the crowd” and we can be your “private guide” in Sicily to experience the island from a different point of view.

Select the day trips from Palermo that satisfy your own traveller identity and send your enquiry!


Enjoy a great Palermo sightseeing, the Arab-Norman circuit, an “open air museum” included in the Unesco World Heritage list in 2015.
Start your walking tour from the Norman Cathedral of Monreale, one of the finest example of sacred architecture in the world because of its famous painting of Christ Pantocrator, the refined Byzantines mosaics and the cloister built by the Benedictines during the 12nd century.
Experience the guided walking tour of Palermo, visiting the Cathedral, the Royal Palace and the Palatine Chapel, the Massimo Theatre, Piazza Pretoria, the “Quattro Canti”, the church of Martorana, the famous outdoor markets and the other highly recommended stopovers for the discerning visitor. During this Palermo Private Tour you will enjoy the traditional Sicilian cuisine at a special restaurant in the city-center.
* A licensed English speaking tourist guide is provided for the whole day. A private transfer from/to Monreale is included.
2-3 persons: € 175,00; 4-6 persons: €100,00 (rates per person).


Reach Mt. Pellegrino (Goethe described it as “the most beautiful promontory in the world”) and visit the famous church of Santa Rosalia into a cave. Enjoy the stunning panoramic view of the city, one of the best things to do in Palermo!
Start an unconventional escorted tour of the “hidden Palermo”, amongst the narrow streets of its old city-center. Have a special shopping tour between ceramics, handmade rugs, needleworks, typical carts, puppets, almond pastry and typical street food. Enjoy a traditional puppet show and be mesmerized by traditional story of Norman kings in Sicily.
Have a lunch at a restaurant in the heart of the city and then start an amazing escorted Palermo tour to enjoy the most important tourist attractions from a different point of view!
* A licensed English speaking tourist guide is provided for the whole day. A private transfer from/to Mt. Pellegrino is included.
2-3 persons: € 175,00; 4-6 persons: € 100,00 (rates per person).


The visit of Caccamo is an opportunity to get out from the classic tourist patterns and breathe the atmosphere of a medieval town. You will enjoy a guided tour of Caccamo medieval castle. The “unconquered fortress”, built by Normans directly on a rocky outcrop about 1000 years ago, is the largest in the island and has a breathtaking view.
Then you will attend a Sicilian cooking class at a typical farmhouse where an authentic Sicilian homemaker will teach how to prepare some of the most popular Sicilian dishes. In the afternoon you will visit Cefalù: you will spend some time relaxing on its beautiful beach, walking and shopping through the narrow streets of the medieval centre and enjoy a typical Sicilian ice cream in front of the Norman Cathedral of Cefalù, built in 1131.
2-3 persons: € 225,00; 4-6 persons: € 190,00 (rates per person; complete lunch and cooking class included).


A day among heritage, Sicilian food and wine delicacies and great views... one of the best day trips from Palermo!
Visit a historic winery near Trapani and enjoy some refined Sicilian wines.
Then you will reach Erice, a beautiful medieval town "suspended in time" at 750 meters above the sea level. Walk through the narrow streets that lead to the Norman castle and enjoy a splendid view of the Egadi Islands. In Erice you will taste the famous “cous cous”, an Arabic culinary specialty, now great expression of Sicilian cuisine (lunch not included).
Visit the archaeological site of Segesta, to discover the ancient Greek theatre and the Doric temple from the 5th century BC and enjoy the unspoilt valley below.
2-3 persons: € 150,00; 4-6 persons: €110,00 (rates per person).


On the tracks of a Sicilian peasant have a special Escorted Tour in the Madonie National Park and enjoy the delicacies of this area.
In the morning have a great walk with donkeys among the Flowering Ashes and discover how Manna (a white crystal utilized in the making of Sicilian pastries) comes from tapping these trees. Meet an authentic shepherd, enjoy his cheese and many other delicacies from the area of the Madonie during a lunch in one of the most panoramic point of the park.
In the afternoon you will visit Castelbuono, a small medieval town full of life, picturesque corners and history, such as the Ventimiglia castle built in 1316.
2-3 persons: € 195,00; 4-6 persons: €140,00 (rates per person; lunch included).


The visit of Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, in the south of Sicily, is one of the most popular day trips from Palermo!
Agrigento is renowned as the site of the ancient Greek city of Akragas, one of the leading cities of Magna Grecia (the Italian areas colonized by Greek from the 5th century BC).
Enjoy a walking tour of the “Valley of the Temples” in Agrigento, an archaeological park included in the Unesco Heritage Site list in 1997.
Discover the magnificent temples dedicated to the Greek Gods, such as the Temple of Concordia, one of the best examples of Doric art in the world.
Enjoy a Sicilian lunch (not included) at a a nice restaurant near Agrigento.
Visit Scala dei Turchi, an astonishing white cliff with one of the most beautiful Sicily beaches. Spend your time taking pictures or relaxing at the white sandy beach.
2-3 persons: € 160,00; 4-6 persons: € 110,00 (rates per person; guided tour on request).


A great daily cruise along one of the most stunning coastlines of Sicily.
Have a private transfer from Palermo to Castellammare del Golfo and navigate to Scopello, the great location of the movie Ocean 12. Enjoy the amazing cove, the old tuna fishery and the “faraglioni” (majestic sea stacks with prickly pear cactus on the top).
Move to the Zingaro Nature Reserve, 7 kilometers of unspoilt coastline and several beaches. Take the chance to go snorkeling in pristine waters, rich in unique Mediterranean flora and fauna.
On request you can enjoy the “fishing tourism” to catch your own fish and eat it on board or reach San Vito Lo Capo to enjoy its amazing sandy beach, maybe the best beach in Sicily!
Rates on request according to the number of participants and pick up: please remember that this boat excursion is private as well).


Discover the most western Greek colony in Sicily and visit Selinunte, the biggest archaeological park in Europe: take a walk through the splendid temples of Athena and Hera (perfectly preserved) founded in the 7th century BC. Move to a nice farm house near Selinunte (the owner is also a producer of the famous olives "Nocellara del Belice", used to extract a refined olive oil). His field is located into an important archaeological site where it is possible to see some finds and rocks used to built the Selinunte temples. Enjoy a complete meal with more Sicilian delicacies.
After lunch move to Marinella di Selinunte, an idyllic sandy beach in the southern coast of Sicily. Enjoy your afternoon at leisure and experience the view of the Acropolis of Selinunte from the beach.
2-3 persons: € 165,00; 4-6 persons: €120,00 (rates per person; complete lunch included).


A day among heritage, Sicilian food and wine delicacies and great views. Visit a historic winery in Marsala and enjoy one of the best Sicilian wines. On the road you will be seduced by the Stagnone Nature Reserve Lagoon, a surreal environment with pink flamingos, “Saline” (sea salt fields) and windmills.
Then you will make a pleasant boat trip (ticket included) to see Mothia, an "archaeological island" because of the many Phoenicians and Greeks findings exposed outdoors or in Whitaker Museum.
In late afternoon you will enjoy a dinner at a restaurant by the sea in front of the Stagnone Lagoon when all the landscape assumes a fire-red color!
* Generally from 3.30 PM to 11.30 PM (Day tour is available on request).
2-3 persons: € 180,00; 4-6 persons: €120,00 (rates per person; dinner not included; wine tasting and boat transfer included).


Immerse yourself in a cooking class and lunch with an authentic Duchess: discover her extraordinary location (a historic palace from the 18th century overlooking Palermo’s seaside) and experience a fascinating journey into Sicily’s rich cuisine, history and culture! The day starts with a journey deep in a historic outdoor market to purchase ingredients for your class, where you will be surrounded by different colours, amazing scents and funny vendors singing or shouting out their offerings!
Back at the Palace you engage in a hands-on cooking class. The Duchess instructs you in the preparation of traditional recipes including family cooking secrets and you learn more about the history of Sicilian cuisine.
You then gather in the elegant formal dining room where you enjoy the four-course Sicilian menu that you have prepared together. To conclude the day, the Duke and Duchess treat you to a tour of the private wing of their beautifully restored palace, the last residence of Prince Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of The Leopard, a masterpiece of the Italian literature.
2-3 persons: € 210,00; 4-6 persons: €200,00 (rates per person; complete lunch and cooking class included. The class starts at 8:30am and ends around 3/3:30pm).

Segesta, Erice, Stagnone Reserve & Sicily Wine

Experience a day among heritage, great views and Sicilian food & wine delicacies.
Visit the archaeological site of Segesta, to discover the ancient Greek theatre and the Doric temple from the 5th century BC and enjoy the unspoilt valley below.
Then reach Erice, a beautiful medieval town "suspended in time" at 750 meters above the sea level. Walk through the narrow streets that lead to the Norman castle and enjoy a splendid view of the Egadi Islands.
Visit the Stagnone Nature Reserve Lagoon, a surreal environment with pink flamingos, “Saline” (sea salt fields) and windmills.
On the way to Palermo, visit a stunning historic winery in Marsala and enjoy some refined Sicilian wines.
2-3 persons: € 195,00; 4-6 persons: € 125,00 (rates per person; wine tasting included).


Discover Cefalù, a picturesque fishing village and also a medieval town located at the slopes of the Madonie Natural Park.
In the morning start your Cefalù walking tour with a licensed English speaking tourist guide. Walk through the narrow streets paved with cobblestones which lead to the various Norman palaces and churches. Discover the medieval architecture of the city-center of Cefalù and admire the cathedral, built in 1131.
Enjoy a a typical Sicilian lunch at a special restaurant with a stunning view on the Mediterranean Sea.
After lunch spend some time relaxing at the beautiful beach, shopping or enjoying a traditional Sicilian ice cream.
* Cefalù guided tour lasts 2 hours. On request you can reach Cefalù after lunch, have a guided tour in late afternoon and enjoy a dinner in Cefalù.
2-3 persons: € 195,00; 4-6 persons: €125,00 (rates per person; lunch not included; guided visit and granita included).

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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and the drive from Palermo to Taormina is about 160 miles – 260 km.
In a short time, all on a very nice freeway, you can reach the East Coast and many other best places in Sicily.
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