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If you are a food lover and appreciate culinary art, you can't miss some

cooking classes in Sicily!

Sicilian cuisine, based on the values of the Mediterranean diet (Unesco Heritage), is a rich melting pot of flavors and unique combinations. With the help of our skilled chefs and authentic Sicilian homemakers, you can discover the ancient Sicilian cooking tradition and master its world famous recipes.

Sicily boasts a rich culinary tradition that is the result of many foreign cultures alternating in the island during its 2700 years of history. This cuisine has been preserved by expert homemakers who still use high quality raw materials. Many of them are now part of the "Sicily Slow Food Presidia"*, a list of excellent Sicilian foods, which are the "added value" of many recipes.

You will be welcomed in the most beautiful and typical farmhouses, wineries and restaurants where to attend a cooking class in Sicily.

All these places are equipped with a kitchen and are fit to receive small groups of "apprentices" who wish to attend or exercise in the creation of a menu of the typical Sicilian cooking.

The recipes and methods of preparation follow the traditional Sicilian cuisine, using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Depending on the location, you can also participate in food purchasing, right in the typical local outdoor markets, such as Vucciria, Ballarò or Capo in the historic centre of Palermo.

During the cooking class in Sicily, our chefs will share with you the secrets of Sicilian cuisine, talking about the origin of the dishes.
At the end of the lesson, you can taste what you have created and sip the appropriate Sicilian wine which accompanies it.

We customize our cooking classes in Sicily and support you to make tailor-made lessons and cooking labs to fit all your needs.

You can get a basic introduction of the Sicilian cuisine or focus a single theme, from appetizers to desserts.

Live a true Sicilian experience with an authentic Sicilian cook who will perform a show cooking in his house. Learn how to prepare some of the most popular Sicilian dishes, use authentic Sicilian flours to make fresh pasta, bread and pizza and enjoy a complete meal with more Sicilian delicacies.

We offer you a focus on true Sicily's lesser known aspects: living, eating, and doing the things Sicilians do: discover the best organic foods, the most interesting Sicilian activities and the traditional Sicilian lifestyle in the most amazing locations.

Dine with the locals is a chance to enjoy a lunch or a dinner with a Sicilian family at a typical home restaurant! Learn about her culinary skills and the origins of our cooking which is rooted in our lifestyle, traditions and native foods. Find out the secrets of the world's most delicious cuisine and make them yours!

There's something for everyone: “pasta c'anciova" and “pasta with sardines and wild fennel” (Palermo housewives has been cooking both dishes for centuries), the typical Trapanese “Cous cous”, the “Caponata” made of eggplants, “pasta al forno”, pasta with sea urchins, “Beccafico sardines", “Walled octopus", the sausage of Caccamo, the black pig of Nebrodi, the "stoccu” of Messina, local fried fish, Palermo typical street food such as “arancine”, “calzoni”, "panelle e crocchè" and desserts including “cassate”, “sfinci“, “cannoli”, and "setteveli cakes".

*List of foods belonging to Sicily Slow Food Presidia:
Red garlic of Nubìa, "masculine anchovies", Ragusa donkey, Salina capers, Girgentana goat, Menfi artichoke, "Trunzo cabbage of Aci", Giarratana onion, "cuddridedda" of Delia (type of bread), Ustica lentils, "badda bean" of Polizzi Generosa, "cosaruciaru bean" of Scicli, tonka of Leonforte, strawberry of Sciacca and Ribera, “interdonato lemon” of the Ionian coast, Maiorchino (cheese), mandarin of Ciaculli, almonds of Noto, Madonie manna, "porceddu melon" of Alcamo, “olive minuta”, bread of Lentini, “black bread” of Castelvetrano, peaches of Leonforte, "piacentinu ennese” (cheese), pistachio of Bronte, “tomato siccagno” of Belice Valley, provola of Nebrodi and Madonie (cheese), cow Cinisara, sea salt of Trapani, “black pig” of Nebrodi, Monreale white plums, Vastedda del Belice (cheese).

“Food always comes to those who love to cook!”
Auguste Gusteau (Ratatouille)

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