One reason people travel in Sicily is to have an "authentic

Sicilian experience”.

We want to give our customers the chance to explore the hidden Sicily with Sicilian people, discover the most authentic Sicilian experiences!

Sicilian lifestyle follows a long tradition of ancestors who came to the island since 4000 BC.
We offer you a focus on true Sicily's lesser known aspects: living, eating, and doing the things Sicilian people do: discover the best organic foods, the most interesting Sicilian activities and the traditional Sicilian lifestyle in the most amazing locations.

Explore the “Paths of Pleasure”, some exciting Sicilian experiences to enjoy the island from a different point of view.

- From the garden and orchard to the table: select, pick and cook the best vegetables to prepare a true “caponata”; Prickly pears “scuzzulata” (peeling); from seasonal fruits to home-made jam, “granita” (typical Sicilian frozen ice cream) and “limoncello” (typical Sicilian lemon liqueur).

- Have a traditional shave at a typical Sicilian barbershop, a great Sicilian experience right in a medieval small town.

- Dining with the locals: enjoy a lunch or a dinner with a Sicilian family at a typical home restaurant! Live a true Sicilian experience with a nice lady who will perform a show cooking in her house. Learn about her culinary skills and the origins of our cooking which is rooted in our lifestyle, traditions and native foods. Find out the secrets of the world's most delicious cuisine and make them yours! Learn how to prepare some of the most popular Sicilian dishes, use authentic Sicilian flours to make fresh pasta, bread and pizza and enjoy a complete meal with more Sicilian delicacies.

- Enjoy a traditional puppet show in the heart of Palermo (it belongs to UNESCO cultural heritage list). Visit the laboratory of the puppeteer and be mesmerized by traditional story of Norman kings in Sicily, of Charlemagne and his knights and more.

- Meet the shepherd and enjoy his cheese!
Taste ricotta (a typical Sicilian cheese) with bread and a little wine while realizing how special this age old process of making cheese is. The shepherd will explain his making process and he will surprise you with a passion rarely found.

- Visit of the most important movie scene locations in Sicily: the palaces, the bar and the church of “The Godfather”; the places of “Inspector Montalbano”, Benigni, Bergman, and many more.

- Experience a true immersion in Palermo and visit Ballarò, a typical historic outdoor market where you will be surrounded by different colors, amazing scents and funny vendors singing or shouting out their offerings. Enjoy the traditional Sicilian cuisine and some typical Sicilian street food (Palermo is ranked 5th among the world's best cities for quality of street food!). After a complete meal, enjoy the Cannolo, the world famous Sicilian dessert.

- Sicilian non-verbal communication: discover the typical body language and the hand gestures in a funny pantomime, a performance by a local actor. An amazing Sicilian experience to discover how a gesture says more than 100 words!

- Fishing tourism: enjoy a deep sea fishing session on a real Sicilian fisherman's boat near Scopello or Acitrezza. Catch your own fish and eat it on board!

- Authentic Sicilian cultural events: enjoy participating in traditional festivals and religious feasts.

- Typical Sicilian dessert making: “cannolo”, “cassata”, chocolate of Modica and almonds pastries.

- The locations of the Mystery: discover the intrigues of castles and historic palaces rich in magic and enigmas.

- Pick up sea urchins, visit a Sicilian fishing market and enjoy a mixed grilled fish with locals.

- Discover the old Sicilian jobs: craftsmen, ceramists, basketmakers (baskets and furniture by wicker and palms).

- Visit a wild pig farm and find the perfect sausage: meet a farmer and his livestock farming of indigenous black-skinned swines in the Nebrodi National Park. Enjoy a stunning landscape with many “zimma”, an airy plot among the trees with a stone pen where every porcine family can shelter from seasonal extremes.

- Enjoy the “manna”: have a great walk with donkeys among the Flowering Ashes of the Madonie National Park and discover how manna comes from tapping these trees. Manna is a Sicilian speciality, a white crystal, very sweet, utilized in the making of Sicilian pastries and very useful for diabetics as a sweetener.

- Last but not least one of the most popular authentic Sicilian experiences: enjoy a wine tasting of the best Sicilian wines during a visit of a historic winery in Marsala or on the slopes of Mt. Etna.

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Round Trip Consulting promotes the "Authentic Sicily Tours": they combine some of the most popular excursions with the best “Paths of Pleasure”, exciting experiences to enjoy Sicily from a different point of view.

The tour offers a focus on the most traditional Sicilian lifestyle in the most amazing contexts.

During this stimulating journey you will find Sicily's most amazing cities of art, natural places and you will live, eat and do the things Sicilians do!

Explore Sicily's lesser known aspects and discover its millenary heritage!